Thursday, January 28, 2010


Any of you vintage-monster buffs? If so, you'll recognize this handsome bloke who famously terrorized Tokyo:

Well, substitute a certain Toller (moi), another city (Paris) and add an imaginative Girl Twin (with time on her hands over Christmas break), and here's what you get. Enjoy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Clip to Make Our Humans Smile

Is your human in a grumpy mood today?  Or are you "in the doghouse" for something you did recently?
Show your human this clip...between the catchy song extolling our virtures, to the gorgeous whimsical artwork which accompanies it, your human will be smiling in no time, all will be forgiven, and you will find yourself showered with kisses and treats!

And if you're a dead ringer for any of the doggies in the paintings, many of them are for sale as posters, cards, etc. by the artist Nancy Schutt:  She even does custom work.  I'm waiting for a Toller to show up in one of her paintings.


Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Schedule

This is how I took the news when my human told me she was returning to the workplace after nearly 11 years at home.  Not.  Well.
She assured me it won't be that traumatic...she's working part-time, three days a week, and hopes to keep it that way.  So that still leaves two days a week all for me, plus the weekends.  But I'm not convinced...we'll see how it goes.
My human's pretty jazzed about "using her brain again", whatever that means...she gets to work in a very cool section of NYC called Soho, which has lots of neat shops.  A couple days ago, she saw Kiefer Sutherland at the shop where she was buying was full of foreign tourists and no one else recognized him.  She said he was a lot shorter than he looks on TV (but still cute!).
I just wanted you all to know that I won't be commenting/posting as often as I used to, but I won't be going away and will do my best to keep up with all my furiends' goings-on.
Don't forget about me, m'kay??

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I Turned One Today!

Yes, 365 days ago I entered the world, much to everyone's surprise (and I nearly didn't make it).

We had a low-key celebration, which was just fine by me since I don't like having a fuss made over me.

Check out my party hat, courtesy Girl Twin and her friend Alex

These were my pressies


This was my special cake from a doggy bakery (chosen by Girl Twin, of course)

My family & friends sang Happy Birthday (boy, were they off-key!!)

I got that cake out of Girl Twin's hand lickety-split, since I didn't want to have to share (they should've gotten me a bigger cake!)...

...and proceeded to inhale it (including the crumbs).  You only turn 1 once, right?!