Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Road Trip!

Greetings, furiends! Sorry I've been incommunicado for a week, but I was on my first road trip!
We drove down to northern Virginia to see my human grandparents and godparents. I handled the drive and temporary digs like a seasoned pro, if I may say so myself.

The trip down took almost 6 hours (it's normally about 4 and-a-half) 'cuz we hit lots of pockets of traffic. My human was getting a little nervous since we had only made one potty stop, but she had nothing to fear. I was a little excited since my usual car spot is on the floormat of the 2nd row, and this time I was in the very back with Girl Twin...I've never seen stuff whiz by the window before!

It took me a long time to settle down on my bed but I finally did, and even snuck in a few cat naps along the way.

But I was pretty happy when we finally arrived at our destination. My human godparents (or is that 'dogparents'?!) wondered how I'd behave in their home, but I was fine. Not a single accident in 4 days and only a little "innappropriate chewing" (hey, I'm only 6 months old, I'm still entitled). Besides, their indoor plants really did need some trimming. And the kids' foam puzzle pieces looked a lot better with little teeth marks on them.

Anyhoo, everyone was pretty impressed with how quickly I made myself at home and was fairly content to just hang out at people's feet, gnawing on my new bone. It was a good one! It had marrow in the middle that took me a looooooong time to get to. Here it is in the car with me:

But the best part of the trip was the sleeping arrangements: I got to sleep in the guestroom with my humans and Little Boy! I'm used to sleeping on my own, in my crate in the kitchen, so this was a real treat! I mostly slept on the blow-up bed on the floor, over Little Boy's feet. That stinker does aerobics in his sleep, so I would spend part of the night under my humans' bed and even occasionally slept on my own bed. But I was quiet and didn't try to wake anybody up, so my human was very pleased with me. Now that she knows how well behaved I am at night, she feels a little bad that she doesn't let me sleep in their bedroom, but she has to let the kitties have some place to call their own, since I effectively upended their world when I arrived. I get that.

During our stay, we went to a park where I saw my first real duck and geese! I was so excited, I wanted to jump into that lake and chase after them, but alas that was against the rules. So I contented myself with practicing my tolling (cavorting on the shoreline to arouse the waterfowl's curiosity and draw them in). It worked, too!

My godmom/dogmom was so happy to spend time with me, 'cuz she really misses her dog Nicky. Nicky crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago and my goddad/dogdad isn't sure he wants to get another doggy. I stayed with her and the little kids while my human took the big kids to play miniature golf, and I didn't even miss my human (sorry, Mom!). Look how much my godmom loves me!

So today we returned to New York. I knew the drill and settled in right away. To pass the time, I read the Kong Stuffing can to ensure there were no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Then I convinced Girl Twin to slip me some while my human was distracted by traffic:

Getting sleepy......................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'll leave you with some "live action" of the trip home courtesy of Girl Twin.


  1. Girl Twin did an AWESOME job commentating on the video she took. :-)

    Great pictures! I'm so impressed that Sedona behaved so well!

  2. Way to go the video too! I can't believe your humans were worried about your behavior. Don't they remember you just graduated? Geez!
    Love and hugs,

  3. Sedona, you did great! I am glad you had a good time.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  4. Hi Sedona,

    Wow.. you had a great trip to Virginia! That's pawsome and we really love the video from twin girl explaning what's going on.

    We don't think that we can behave as good as you because although we are older a bit from you but we still love to chew everything especially sandals, BOL

    Adele, Vincent & Bella

  5. You are a very good boy, Sedona.
    I am a puker in cars..........
    maybe I will grow out of it.
    I wish I could go duck hunting.
    In New York there are just some mice and rats.
    From Buster

  6. WOW! what a fun week you had ... going in a road trip to visit your human grandparents and godparents :o) and congrats on seeing duckies and geese for the very first time. We gotta agree with ya, they are so much fun to chase. (Snowy, although not allowed, jumped out of a boat and swam chasing few in a lake once - that sure scared the mommy)

    We totally LOVED the lil video of you that was filmed by Girl Twin .. you sure are so close . it must be so much fun sitting with her in the car

    WOW you sure have a few hooman and fluffs you now who live and will live in Dubai. Do the brother doxies have a blog we can visit?

    Maltese Paws

  7. Oh my!

    That was the KHOOLEST post!

    It was so nice woo got to go...and khome bakhk!

    You need to have that now EMPTY marrow bone turned into a bonesikhle..woo will love it!

    Please tell The Girl Twin she did a GREAT job with the video! I see a Strolling with Sedona khoming soon!

    PeeEssWoo: Did woo wave hi when woo khame by Pawsylvania?

  8. Hey, Sedona! Wecome back!! Looks like you had such a fabulous trip, real ducks even!! And since you were so good, I bet you'll get to go on lots more!!
    You are so lucky that you got to go on a vacation - you know all too well that I had to go to the "Spa" (whatever, it was a kennel...) and she just took that stupid drawing of me along. I'm so glad she is back home, I forgave her the second I saw her, and was glad to be left in comfy A/C considering how hot it was where she went!


  9. Hi Sedona!
    It looks like you had a great trip! Real ducks, car rides, marrow bones, water and naps! It sounds like the perfect trip to me!
    :) Tibby

  10. wow sounds like a great trip - we love car rides too - but dont your pawrents know you are suppose to chase the geese

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  11. Hello Sedona!

    What a great trip you had! Car rides, bones, ducks, water ... and sleeping with your humans! How cool!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

  12. Oh, wow! What a great adventure! Just think - when you make the trip again, you'll be older, so maybe you'll get to do some of the driving!
    Aren't ducks and gooses cool? I could stare at them forever.
    Girl Twin did a GREAT job with the video. I like her voice; she sounds very kind!
    Play bows,

  13. Looked like a great trip you had there. =) If you want to play pay it forward all you have to do is send me your address, I will send you something pawsome and then you find 3 more people to pass along something to. It does not have to be much it can be anything at all. =) hope I get to do something swell for you. =)

  14. Hi, Sedona!
    So glad you had a pawesome time!
    The video is great too!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Hi Sedona - stopping by to wish you a pawsome weekend :) Hope you have a good one

    Maltese paws

  16. Hi Sedona,

    What a pawesome trip you went on! I am SO jealous.

    Wags & wiggles,