Sunday, October 18, 2009

A.K.C.'s "Meet the Breeds" Event in NYC

Today, my human, Girl Twin and her friend left me at home with "the boys" to attend the Meet the Breeds event at the Javits convention center in NYC.  I was a little miffed about the "non-exhibitor dogs forbidden" rule, but I got over it pretty quickly when they returned with lots of goodies for me!  From what they told me, it was a huge hit so hopefully it'll become an annual event.  Yesterday and today, there were 160 dog breed booths, 41 cat breeds booths, lots of vendors and demonstration rings (obedience, agility, service dogs, acting, performing cats, pet care, etc.).  Too bad I wasn't small enough to sneak in inside my human's handbag; just look at all the cool sights & pups they got to see!

In this ring, they were demonstrating the Canine Good Citizen test with this goofy-looking dog.  That beagle must be on steroids!

Some of the breed booths and costumes were amazing!  Check these out:

This Gordon Setter exhibitor was in a full kilt.

And here's Toto the Cairn Terrier with his friends from Oz!

This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel exhibitor had an English tea table to go with her Victorian finery, and two Cavs tucked into a proper English pram (and yes, they were fast asleep!)

I've never even heard of a Black Russian Terrier, but their booth was one of the flashiest ones there (my human said they kinda look like Giant Schnauzers).

The (barkless) Basenji folks had erected an African hut and were decked out in the local fashions.
And my human said the Mastiff people went all Medieval on their...booth!  I didn't get the joke but she says movie buffs would.

The Saluki group had constructed something out of 1001 Arabian Nights...

...including one of their dogs!  Doesn't she look like a Bedouin princess?!

The Rhodesian Ridgeback booth also had an African theme.

The Shih Tzu folks had Chinese lanterns and a dragon (buddies of yours, Sasha?)

Speaking of buddies, Girl Twin took her friend to visit the booths of all my blogging buddies' breeds!  Brutus, this is for you.

NY Bully Brats, do you guys know this handsome devil?

This sweet girl made me think of all my Golden friends: Sammie, Mason Dixie, Sierra Rose, Lexi, Thor, and my new pal Miley.

Girl Twin and her friend had to visit the Siberian Husky booth twice!  The exhibitors was so happy when she told them about Khyra's mom's rescue work.  She also told them about my buddies the OP Pack, Army of Four and Kira the Beawootiful.

Hey Riley & Star and Snowy & Crystal, are you guys as silky as this Maltese?

Jasper, this kitty was gorgeous but I like your deeper orange shade better!
My human was smitten by this breed, the Tibetan Spaniel.  She loved their sweet expression and temperament, luxurious coat and compact size.  Hmmmm...maybe a future sibling for me??

Check out this ancient Aztec breed's name!  Try saying that three times fast after sampling the toliet bowl at the Pup Club!!

Speaking of Twix (and Lorenza and Beckett), my human and the girls were flabbergasted (that's gobsmacked for you Brits, Jasper!) that there was no dachshund booth!  Nor was there a Rat Terrier booth, Bijou & Banjo!  What a bummer!  And the worst omission?  No Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Booth!!!  What's up with that?!  The Xolodilaldufiljaalimcoeuqnxeruas were there, but no Tollers??!!  Once I finish this post, I'm gonna paw a letter to the national club and tell them they better get someone over there next year...heck, I'll do it myself if I have to!!

On a happier note, Girl Twin had entered an art contest for Meet the Breeds, featuring moi!  She didn't win a prize, but her work was featured along with lots of others and it was a nice surprise to see it there.  Didn't she do a nice job?

She and her friend got lots of nice freebies and they even picked up some stuff for me!  Six tennis balls for a buck, a multipack of compressed rawhide chews for a buck, and a great squirrel stuffy for $3 that they've seen in stores for $18!  So I'm a happy camper.  And so are human and Girl Twin are already talking about going again next year.  If any of your humans decide to go, they should do a blogging-buddy meet-up!


  1. How khool was that!!!

    I was excited just seeing the Siberian on the graphikh...

    AND THEN SEEING The Girl Twin and her friend with one of ME!!!

    Tank woo fur spreading the word!

    Mom says the passengers today were furry khute and furry lukhky to eskhape woo know what and where!

    Your Girl Twin's drawing with woo was furry furry nice!

    I'm glad they had fun BUT I know it would have been MUCH better with woo along but humans have stoopid rules!

    PeeEssWoo: She has some videos and pikhs on Monday MOMday!

  2. No dachshund booth? I'm outraged!!! Hahaha. :-)

    It looks like twin girl did a great job of documenting everything that you weren't allowed to see. I can't wait until December for the Bay Colony Dog Show. :-)

  3. Looks like your humans had a great time! I don't get why dogs weren't allowed there. It is for and about dogs, right? What is wrong with the people running that show? Not only did they not let you in but no booths for your breed or mine? Maybe they have been drinking out of the toilet bowl!

  4. Hi, Sedona!
    That sure was a pawesome event!
    Breedscrimination??? Hmmm...
    Well, I am mexican so I guess Xoloitzcuinlies represented me! Haaa.!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Wow. What a fun time. I love girl twin's art. what a fine likeness of you.

  6. Thanks for thinking of us! I was so excited when I read your humans had gone to this event, because some of mom's human Frenchie-owning pals were there helping with the exhibit. In fact, one of the dogs you photographed is one of our Frenchie-gal pals Dari! Mom's friends Chris & Fran were there, as well as several FBRN rescues! We are SO jealous your humans got to go, but really think it's cool that you let them share all the photos on your blog!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  7. hello Sedona, that's an interesting event and thank you for sharing

    since they were breedscrimination as Lorenza pointed out, i don't supposed you saw any Mexicans like me????


  8. Hi Sedona

    Looks like a cool event, but no fair that they wouldn't let you go, then no booth for your breed. What gives. Our mommy thought it would be a great event to go to, but too far for us.

    Tucker and Daisy

  9. Wooos Sedona! What a cool event your humans got to go to, but what is up with no Toller booth?????
    Mom even sees Tollers at obedience trials, so why not there???? Hmm, I think there is a problem there....
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  10. mommy heard of this even..thanx for sharing these cool pic ;)

    Mommy is back from her trip to the United States which means that we are back to blogging and catching up with what we missed

    we sure missed ya pal


  11. That is the BIGGEST Beagle I have EVER seen!!!
    I can't believe they didn't let you go. That seems rather backwards to me. Hrumph!
    All the puppies are so beautiful! You would have shown them up, though. That's probably why you weren't allowed in.

  12. Wow, looks like a fun time!! Loved looking at all the pics, thx for sharing!!

    lotsa licks,

  13. what FUN! I'm so envious.... thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow! Great art by Girl Twin!
    Thnks for thinking of me and our golden pals! What a show eh!?!?!? Can't believe you couldn't have snuck in with a costume!!!! Glad you got the pressies though.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  15. That must have been such a fun experience. So many different and beautiful breeds. Thank your Girl Twin for telling that sibe about all of us from bloggerville. And that beagle - what a big boy - we need to find out what he eats.

    woos, the OP Pack

  16. Oh Sedona, I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet your girl twin. I was actually asked to be in the kuvasz booth but my humans went on vacation and sent me to camp! But my Momma is a little bit relieved now because she's looking at your pictures of all the fancy booths and costumes and decorations and all she would have had was a chair and me on a leash. Maybe next time...!


  17. Meet the Breeds looked like such a fun event... I wish that we had one near us! Tell Twin Girl that her art work was very well done, and looks just like you, Sedona :D

    <3 RCTR