Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Howl-oh-ween!

So, you know how I've been dreading Girl Twin's Howl-oh-ween "surprise" for the past couple weeks?  Well, it wasn't as bad as I'd feared!  Nuhnuh-nuhnuh-nuhnuh-nuhnuh-nuhnuh-nuhnuh-nuhnuh-nuh, BATDOG!  She and my human made this for me; what do you think?
Girl Twin was Batgirl and I was her trusty sidekick, the Dog Wonder!

Here I am with her and all her trick-or-treating friends.

Those girls were too fast for my human and Little Boy, though, so we went off on our own (Boy Twin went with his friends).  BTW, thanks for all the get-well wishes for Little Boy...he is doing much better after my TLC.  Here, I ran into my friend Truman the Firefighter.

Not many other doggies out-and-about.  Lots of people took my picture and said they wished their dog was as well-behaved as me, so they could take them trick-or-treating...that made my human furry proud!  She was a little leery of how I'd react to all the commotion & costumes.  Nothing to fear...I loved being out for an evening stroll.

So now I'm gonna go check out all my blogging buddies to see if anyone else got dressed up!
Remember to stay away from the chocolate!


  1. Happy Howloween Sedona!

    I love your Batdog costume. Capes are always cool! My mom made me a spooky shirt to wear but at the last minute she decided it didn't look right so I didn't have to wear it! BOL

    Hope you got some tasty treats!


  2. Woo are khorrekht - that isn't THAT bad!
    Woo do look furry khute!

    Happy HOWLoween!

    I hope woo get lots of treats without any trikhks!


  3. That is a totally pawsome costume you got there Sedona - my how you have grown since I've not been around - You are looking really good Sedona -

  4. Hey Sedona!
    You look very cool in your Batdog costume!

    Happy Howloween!


  5. Love, love, love your costume, Sedona. You look so cute. Glad you had a good time.

    Tucker and Daisy

    P.S. from Daisy- told you clothes weren't too bad. D.

  6. Wow you look awesome Sedona!! How lucky you are to get to go trick or treating, I stayed home with mom and practiced clicker training for obedience class tomorrow. Not as much fun by far. =) Happy Halloween

  7. You are the best bat dog ever! Your mom and girl twin are quite talented. It is very apparent how much they love you too....making you your own costume. I am so glad the little guy responded to your nursing capabilities. I knew you would bring him back to good health. After all, you are Bat Dog!

  8. You are an amazing batdog! To echo what Twix said - your momma and girl twin sure are crafty! Kudos to them. :-) And a huge rounds of a-paws (applause) for being so well behaved!

  9. You're a SUPER HERO!?!?!? That is SO COOL!
    You look great as Bat Dog. In fact, your disguise is so good, I wouldn't have known it was you if you hadn't told me. Really.
    Play bows,
    PS: The girls all look really great, too!

  10. Hi, Sedona!
    Your costume is pawesome!
    Glad you had fun with Girl Twin!
    Did you get treats too??
    Kisses and hugs

  11. We is hopin' that you had just the bestest HOWL-o-weenie ever and ever with lots and lots of treats!

  12. Well I think your costume looks realy cute and you got to go ut with the beans too.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. I hope you got lots of treats and no tricks, Batdog!
    - Charlie

  14. wow, you rock! I love the batdog costume, and you look super in it!


  15. How fun that you got to actually go out on the trick-or-treating run! II'm sure girl twin was proud to have you as her trusty sidekick! Did anyone have any special doggy treats to hand out to you??

    Brutus the Devil Frenchie

  16. Great job, Sedonaa - you make a wonderful Batdog. We had Batman and Robin in our little grandbiped parade of characters. We are so glad to hear the Boy Twin is doing so much better. We are just starting another round of colds and temps with our little ones.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  17. Hi Sedona!!!! We're thrilled about the twin costumes! How fun! Glad you were out and about.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  18. Hi Sedona,

    My name is Irish. It is pronounced Neeve (like sleeve) and means sheen or luster because I have a shiny coat. I'm glad you are doing Rally. It is lots of fun and I know you will enjoy it. You looked cute in your costume.

    Your friend,

  19. Sedona, you look wonderful in your costume. I am glad you had fun. We had fun too. I hope the little guy is feeling better.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  20. it looks like you have had a verry funny halloween-party! in germany, it isnt so popular to celebrate halloween so big... yes, ive seen your costume - soooo coool!!!! meggi do not need such costumes- she was going as a ghost- with her white/blond hair shining in the dark ;-)
    thank you verry much for comment my post!
    and yes: she is growing sooo fast!!! where is my little puppy???
    no no ... i love her so much! and: cool that youve seen a hovawart too!! this one you discribes, looks like meggis brother;-)

    a lot of greetings from germany!!


  21. LOVE your batdog costume. We know how well-behaved you are - hoomans must have LOVED you!!! And your girltwin looks gorgeous in her costume too, surrounded by her girl pals! Sorry it's taken so long to catch up with you pal!
    Hugs xo

  22. Love your Batdog costume. Very cool!

  23. Hi Sedona!
    You are a super pup! You truly wore your costume proud. Mommy will be posting our Halloween Parade photos soon. She was not quite successful this year though. hihihi
    Good job for looking after Little Boy while he was not well.
    Happy weekend!

    - Fudgie, Princess & the Piappies

  24. Sedona, we love your batdog costume! Twin Girl did a great job putting together matching costumes.

    <3 RCTR