Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fear Factor

Did you know that many puppies experience a "fear period", sometimes more than once? The first is usually between eight and ten weeks old, and the second around four or five months old. Well, I did have the first one and I'm pretty sure I'm at the start of the second. My family started filling the swimming pool yesterday, so there's a constant low rushing sound coming from the pipes near my crate in the kitchen. ME NO LIKEY. It bugs me and freaks me out and I am not having any of it. I'm letting my displeasure be known by barking at the wall. I look like a crazy dog, I know. But I can't help it and at least my human knows there a reason for it. So I've relegated myself to my crate for most of the day and today, in puppy obedience class, I decided to not participate. Cowered against my human, stared at the wall, would've crawled under the carpet and not come out, if I could've. The instructor was completely understanding as she's dealt with this before.
This too shall pass. Hopefully by next week's class.


  1. I hope it passes soon. eek!


  2. the bravest dog is not the one who's never afraid, but the one who overcomes his or her fears.
    me, i haven't hit that first fear period, it seems, beacause i'm totally crazy (according to my human) - in fact, i think, if anything, it's *my human* who's the one who's afraid!

    take care,
    your friend sienna

  3. Thanks, Sienna & Jack!
    I appreciate your encouragement!
    I'm done with cowering in my crate but am still barking at invisible foes, but hopefully that will pass soon too.