Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have arrived!... the world of dog blogs, that is!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sedona and I am a 4 month-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. "A WHAT?!" you ask? Just call me a Toller for short. That's what my human tells people when they get that cross-eyed, tongued-tied expression after she tells them what I am.

My official AKC name is Ravenswood Sunset in Sedona, to be exact. Ravenswood is the name of the kennel who brought me into this world. The breeders are a lovely husband and wife team who took the best care of me until I came to live with my human and her family just over 2 months ago. My human took one look at the gorgeous red-gold color of our famous Toller coats and it reminded her of the famous Red Rocks in Sedona, and that's how I got my name.

She actually wanted to add Serendipity somewhere in my name, but she thought it was too long, too much alliteration, and too much like those crazy AKC names you often hear at Westminster (e.g., Chesterfield's The Sky Is Threatening To Rain Today So Don't Forget Your Umbrella...but of course, the dog's call name is simply "Bo").

Why Serendipity, you ask? Because I was the opposite of what my human and her family were looking for, and they ended up with me anyway! Lucky them! You see, my family all wanted a boy (except for my human, so she was thrilled to get her way after all) and they all thought they wanted a pink-nosed Toller, and mine's purplish-black (more on the color differences later). They had been in touch with the breeders and came to meet all the Tollers at the kennel, and were on a waiting list for a breeding that was supposed to take place in the late winter. What they didn't know was that my mom had secretly come into season and had enjoyed a quicky out in the exercise pen with my dad. No one knew she was pregnant since it was winter and we all tend to put on a few pounds. On January 2nd, they brought breakfast around and found me with my two sisters! I was actually at death's door and had to be revived (one of my sisters didn't make it, R.I.P.), but I was no worse for the wear. The breeders told my family about us, and they came to meet us and the rest is history.

So, I just discovered this fab world of dog blogs and thought it'd be fun to join in. I'm dying to share my crazy antics with anyone who will listen. I will recount my early days and bring you up to speed on what I've been up to in my young life.

Hope you enjoy the journey with me!


  1. Sedona,
    I remember coming home and my humans being quite obsessed with me and giving me so much love. They took to to a school which I loved, and I graduated with honors. I proudly, sit, down, roll-over, all for a treat.
    I enjoy long walks and strutting my stuff around the neighborhood.
    I hope we can make a date to go out and sniff the wide world.
    Now wag that tail, cause that is one thing I am short of!
    I still manage to do a pretty darn good job of shakin my tail though.
    Sir Bentley of (Master pve)

  2. *rofl*
    yes - yes!
    my human's gotten that same crosse-eyed, tounge-tied expression from people on more occasions than she can count, too - and i've only been with her for little over a week!
    "a retriever - the smallest one, actually", she's taken to say, and that seems to turn the light on upstairs for most people.

    your friend sienna