Thursday, August 13, 2009

On The Ball

I think one of the best toys out there has to be your basic tennis ball; do you all agree?
Even better are the slightly-oversized ones that squeak.
The other day, my human heard me making funny sounds and found me in this compromising position:

When I was a wee pup, I was able to fit completely under the stove. Methinks I'm still that size.

Yes, my favorite ball had escaped me and was just out of reach.

"Geez, Mom, would it kill ya to sweep under the stove maybe once a year??"

Yep, humans are good for a couple things! I think I'll let mine stick around.


  1. Yes human can be good for some things - tennis ball retrieval is definately one of them - our momma has put boards under everything so she doesnt have to do this - cause sweetie tends to knock stuff under things every 10 seconds.

    we love the wagging tail video - all you see is the butt and tail!!!

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

    ps - mommy says it looks like you have a really nice stove!!

  2. Cute video!!! I love the squeeky ones too, and chase them all over.
    Mom helps retreive my toys in those funny hideouts too!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Hi Sedona,

    I love tennis balls too and HATE when they go under things where I can't reach them. Mom then has to come "fetch" it for me. BOL

    I am glad to see you had help getting your ball.

    Wags & wiggles,

  4. Ah yes!

    Another of us that knows what the REAL meaning of THAT tailwag means!

    The humans don't really khomprehend what we are akhtually saying!

    Great job with the ball retrieval assistance!


  5. Wooos! great job for that human, ball retrievement, they also work well for bone retrievement that gets under the couch, which I used to fit under, but somehow it shrank!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  6. Awww! what a cute video... you sound so peeteefuw!

    My momster is also a champion under-couch ball retriever

  7. Hi, Sedona!
    I know about that! It is not funny when I can't reach my ball!
    I loved your video!
    Glad your mom got it for you!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Sedona-
    That's the very sort of thing we most need our humans for (well, just after making sure our bellies stay full, anyways). Good thing tennis balls are not an endangered species - worst case scenario, you have to break a new one in!! Good job with the pitiful noises - that always is goo for gettin' those humans' attention (take it from a pro)!!!


  9. *chuckles* Sedona, humans are great retrieving balls in those hard to reach places. Our chief does it all the time for us ... whenever the ball rolls under the car or into a drain ...

  10. Sedona, I coulda got that for you no problem! We don't need no stinkin humans! ;o) Well, maybe we might take me a while to get to your house in this heat.

  11. We love playing with tennis ball!

    Have a nice weekend, Sedona.

    Adele, Vincent & Bella