Monday, June 8, 2009

Coincidence...or Not? You Decide!

After I tagged my pal Sienna with Sugar's "Sweetest Blog Award", I got to thinking about some strange coincidences between us two.

  • We're both bitches (I love being able to say that word with no fear of getting my mouth washed out with soap :-)

  • We're both puppies.

  • We're both Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

OK, OK, no big whup, right?

But how about this:
  • She lives in Stockholm, and my human's nephew lives in Stockholm...

Hmmmmm, starting to get interesting here...

Now for the really good stuff, for which you have to play the following video. For ambience. It's really an audio clip, but I couldn't figure out how to add an audio clip to my post. Hey, I'm only 5 months old with no opposable thumbs, what do you expect?!

  • Our names are both beautiful cities known for their red color:

Siena, Italy

Sedona, Arizona

And I saved the best for last...are you ready?

  • Our names are both minivans!

Toyota Sienna

Kia Sedona

So tell me, bizarre coincidence, or some strange force of Nature at work? Or do I just have too much time on my paws to do all this heavy thinking?


  1. oooh!
    i did not know the car theme to our names - that is *so* cool!

    my human does not believe in "coincidence", and i don't think *i* do either, because so many things are "bizarre" about how she and i found each other, and my human (who has lived a bit longer than i have) says she's experienced several other "bizarre" things in her life, and they have convinced her that there's no such thing as "coincidence".

    anyway - heavy thinking is *good* for everyone - at least every once in a while!


  2. Hi Sedona,

    Mom says supposedly everyone has a twin. After reading your post, I think maybe that should include doggies.

    Wags & wiggles,

  3. Hmmm...I say, "Not". I think you two were meant to be buddies! ~Twix