Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting Spayed Is A Piece of (Cup)Cake

I got spayed yesterday! Although my Family was sad to leave me at the Place Where I Get Poked, they hugged me and told me I'd be a happier and healthier doggy in the long run. The vet said I came through the surgery with flying colors. Today I got to go home, and my Family had a special doggy cupcake waiting for me; it was DELISH! I am a little tired, but I should be back to my bouncy self in a day or two.

So for those puppies whose future includes spaying or neutering: don't worry, be happy your human is a responsible pet owner!

And the best part? No Cone of Shame like poor Dug in the movie "Up"!


  1. Hi Sedona,

    We are happy to hear your surgery went well. It was very nice of your hoomans to treat you with that yummy looking cupcake.

    Wags & wiggles,

  2. Hey Sedona I would love to teach you to jump off the dock, it is so much fun. It is best to learn it while you are a puppy though, the older you get the more fear steps in. You have to do it on you own though, being thrown in is not much fun. I learned by jumping in after my mom and then could not get enough of it. Glad the vet visit went okay, I am 5 and still have not been spayed, but I think it is going to happen soon.

  3. Hey Sedona.. so it doesn't hurts?? How long did you have to stay.. My mama is gonna get me spayed soon. She said she's going to try for Friday morning.. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I dont wanna..
    lemme know if I should be skrrrd okay
    thanks Pal
    Bell girl

  4. Hi Sedona!
    I am happy to read everything went well at the vet. Hope you recover quickly.
    Yummy cupcake you got!


  5. Sedona! So glad everything went so well and that you are doing so well too. That cupcake looks pawsomely delish!
    Hugs xo

  6. Hope you are back to your peppy puppy self soon! I think you do look a bit like Dug (even without the cone of shame, thank goodness!), but I think you are a lot smarter! Wouldn't it be great if we could talk like him? Typing just isn't the same....


  7. Hi, Sedona!
    Glad to know everything went well. You will be like new in no time!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. great to hear your surgery went well - no not the cone of shame - poor baby
    woodrow sweetie mj

  9. hi sedona!
    oh wow - i've REALLY got to talk to my human about how she CANNOT keep me from reading my friends' blogs for several days at a time like this!!!
    you were spayed?
    but good, i guess...
    spaying and neutering isn't routine over here in sweden, so i won't have any surgery on my girl parts.

    maybe i can talk my human into giving me a yummy treat like that cupcake anyway?
    *goes off to scheme and plan*

    your friend sienna