Friday, June 5, 2009

Dog Vs. Bandana

The Family has decided that I'm sufficiently beyond the puppy phase to try to clothe me. I'm a little too big to be sportin' any of those fabulous outfits that my pal Lorenza has (and she has a gazillion of them!). But I can definitely do bandanas. Or so they think. Hah! Silly humans!

Step One: Bite corner of the offending garment.

Step Two: Proceed to fall on the ground.

Step Three: Paw at the darn thing. Hands with opposable thumbs would be very useful right now.

Step Four: If all else fails, thrash about like a Tasmanian Devil. Extra points for rolling on your human's foot.
Fight's over. Bandana won. Actually, I got distracted by lots of yummy treats and forgot the thing was there.
Tomorrow's another day! I'll get it off yet.


  1. Sedona, you are growin like a weed! Practice, practice, practice is all I can tell you in order to get that silly red thing off your neck! No, I don't usually eat the flowers...I prefer the weeds Momma hasn't yet pulled. ~Twix

  2. Hi, Sedona!
    Hmmm... I love my dresses because they mean walkies! I am not so sure I'd like to wear a bandana!
    You look great with yours! I hope you get used to it because looking at your pictures you had a big battle!
    Kisse and hugs

  3. you are awfully cute tearing at that bandana - I have lots of shirts - my mom doesn't sew like Lorenza Gram does - but mom finds good stuff. I love the dresses lorenza has - makes mom wish I were a girl BOL - she's stuck with trying to dress a boy dog!

  4. bandanas?
    don't be giving my human any ideas!
    i think i'm going to have a LONG talk with her about how we're going to express ourselves through different *collars* ONLY.
    *rolls eyes*


  5. Hi Sedona,

    My advice is just play along with the hoomans and they will think, 'oh how cute is that?' then give you more treats.

    Wags & wiggles,

  6. Hey Sedona,

    Come visit my blog, I have an award for you!


  7. Bandanas always get in the way! You are so cute!!! Bijou sent us your way...enjoy your saturday!

    xo sugar

  8. Sedona,

    I'm sorry for not giving you more info on the award. You are suppose to post the badge on your blog, link to the doggy that sent it to you, then tag 3 more dog blogs that you think are sweet.